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  • Trust is earned by consistently demonstrating high character over long periods of time.
  • Advisors should be transparent, accountable, honest, and competent - a client should never have to wonder whose interests are being served.
  • There is no substitute for a well-thought out financial plan - to us, financial planning is the coordination and planning of the following areas:
    • cash flows​
    • insurance
    • estate planning
    • tax
    • investments
    • retirement/goal planning
  • Your plan should reflect your life and goals - financial planning is highly personal. Just as there are no two lives that are the same, there should be no two plans that are the same.
  • Financial planning should lead and inform portfolio management, not the other way around.
  • Investment portfolios should be kept simple (barring unique circumstances) and should focus on:
    • a risk profile that is commensurate with the client's need, ability, and desire to take risk ​
    • tax efficiency
    • low cost
    • broad exposure
      • too many times, we see portfolios that are not properly diversified because they lack exposure to various sectors, market caps, and geographic areas​
  • Commission-based solutions are to be used only when they are the best tool for a specific purpose due to their higher expenses and more opaque fee structure. 


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